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Chemung County Department of Social Services

425 Pennsylvania Avenue
Elmira, NY 14902

Main: (607) 737-5302 Fax: (607) 737-5500
Email: Website:
Hours:  Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm.
Management:  Deretha Watterson, Commissioner of Human Services

The mission of Chemung County Department of Social Services is to be a responsive provider of efficient and effective services; to have a professional atmosphere that promotes respect for all and earns the confidence and trust of those we serve, including the community at large.

425 Pennsylvania Avenue, Elmira NY 14902 (607) 737-5302
Investigates and intervenes on behalf of adults who are unable to act on their own behalf, manage their own affairs, or who are in immediate danger. Responds and investigates reports of adult and child abuse or neglect. Ongoing supervision for those at risk of abuse is also available. No fee. Call for appointment or walk-in.
Eligibility: Must reside in Chemung County. APS services are for individuals 18 or older.

Provides evaluation and service coordination for any child suspected of having a developmental delay or a diagnosed disability; provides special instruction, speech, occupational and physical therapy to meet the needs of EI eligible children. No fee. Call for an intake appointment.
Eligibility: Call for information.

Offers employment training and supportive services including child care and transportation costs for people who are receiving public assistance through the TANF program in an effort to help them become self-supporting. No fee. Call for appointment or walk-in.
Eligibility: Must be receiving TANF assistance and have a referral.

Provide support and guidance for people who have adopted a child, or would like to adopt. Places and monitors children who are in need of alternative living arrangements with private family homes that are licensed to provide foster care. Offers training for families who wish to offer foster care services in their homes. No fee. Call for appointment.
Eligibility: Call for information.

Provides non-emergency transportation, or reimbursement for transportation to and from medical appointments. No fee. Call for information.
Eligibility: Must be a recipient of Medicaid, and be pre-approved.

Determines eligibility for government health insurance coverage to individuals under the State Medicaid program including: Medicaid, Family Health Plus, Medicare Premium Payment Programs, COBRA Continuation Payments, Medicaid Buy-In for working individuals with disabilities, Medicaid Managed Care, Coverage for Long Term Care, Family Benefits Program, and insurance coverage for low income and/or disabled individuals. Covered medical services includes care provided by a primary care physician, specialists visits, emergency care, diagnostic testing and treatment, women's health services, prescription and dental care coverage and long term care services including home health services as referred by your primary care physician. No fee to apply. No premuims. Some small co-pays may apply when accessing covered services. Must complete a Medicaid application. Call to have an application mailed or to request an appointment. Can also meet with a Facilitated Enroller who can aid through the application process. Call for more information on covered services and list of available health plans.
Eligibility: Must reside in Chemung County and meet eligibility under the NY State Medicaid program. Service providers must accept insurance. Most services must have a referral from primary care physician. Must choose an insurance company to administer health plan.

Provides financial assistance for medical and orthodontic care for children with disabling physical/dental condition or chronic illness including evaluations. No fee. Call for information.
Eligibility: Call for information.

Provides referrals to the appropriate school district''s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) for evaluation to determine the needs of preschoolers with special needs. Offers information regarding services that may be available to children with disabilities who are age 3-5. No fee. Call for information.
Eligibility: None.

Provides temporary benefits and services to income eligible individuals and families with the aim of helping them become self-sufficient. Services include Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) or Family Assistance, Safety Net Assistance (for single individuals or childless couples), employment and food stamp benefits. Child care subsidies are available to low income families to enable them to afford child care and continue to work. May use a registered or informal provider or a relative. No fee. Call for appointment or walk-in, must complete an application.
Eligibility: Must be a resident of Chemung County, meet income guidelines and additional requirements as determined by program.

Area Served: Chemung County.
Handicap accessible.

304 Hoffman Street, Elmira NY 14905 (607) 737-8449
Provides one location that is a child-friendly setting that is physically and psychologically safe to address cases of sexual abuse, physical abuse, fatalities, or near deaths, and serious domestic violence. Help is provided to begin the healing process for child victims of abuse. Integrates and coordinates the services of all involved agencies to include: forensic interviews, medical evaluations, mental health referrals, victim advocacy and support, case review and tracking, information and referral, and community outreach and education. This program is a partnership between the Department of Human Services, the District Attorney's Office, law enforcement, victim services, medical providers, and mental health services. The collaboration increases prosecution and accountability of perpetrators, while promoting safety and support to victims and the non-offending family members. No fee. Call for an intake appointment.
Eligibility: Children who have been abused or their friends and family.

Area Served: Chemung County.
Handicap accessible.
This information is provided as a referral only, based on what has been collected for use by 2-1-1 Helpline, not as an endorsement, license or recommendation of any particular provider.
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